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Charcoal Grills are not created equal.

FIRST, our chimney system allows you to reach cooking temperature in about 15 minutes without the use of lighter fluids. 1 match, 2 sheets newspaper. No chemical tastes! The chimney also allows for higher searing temperatures. This is the crux of flavor, searing in juices.

SECOND, very few charcoal grills will allow you to raise and lower your cooking heights. Being able to change cooking heights allows you to fine tune your finished product. The only other stainless steel grill that works like our Arena sells for over $1500. The Arena is $259.

THIRD, use Natural Charcoal not biquettes. Natural charcoal is just wood that has been baked. The largest users of natural charcoal are very sucessful steak houses. Each type imparts its own flavor according to what the base wood was (Oak, maple, mesquite). Natural charcoal or charwood is available all over the country at Lowe's, Wegmans, Trader Joes or grill centers... you will not ever use briquettes again.

FOURTH, our specialty is grilling. All of the grills will allow you to add wood chips for adding smoke flavor and the domed models will allow you to slow cook or bake. We have found that a little smoke goes a long way and that the natural charcoal itself delivers enough wood flavor. In the grilling mode your dome would be open. Grilling, generally, is using high quality food and quick cooking with searing temperatures and getting fabulous food right away. Smoking, generally, is using lesser quality foods to slow cook while adding rubs, smears and sauces and taking hours for a finished product.


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