How they work

Quick Start

QuickStart® is an extremely safe and simple way of lighting. You no longer need lighting products.

Step 1. Insert two double sheets of news-paper into the chimney.

Step 2. Spread the charcoal out in the bowl.

Step 3. Light the newspaper

Step 4. Perfect charcoal embers in only 15 minutes.

Step 5. The intensity of the fire can be controlled by adjusting the ventilation system.

Quick Stop

QuickStop® features a receptacle for water in the lower part of the tube.

Step 1. Before lighting the grill, fill this receptacle with water. QuickStop not only makes the barbecue very stable, but also catches any burning charcoal that drops into the chimney.

Step 2. The receptacle also serves as an ashtray. After the grill has cooled down, you have only to brush the ashes to the centre of the bowl, into the receptacle.

Step 3. Then simply empty them into an appropriate place.

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