Return Policy

The nature of this product does not allow returns. The standard return policy of internet grill companies is to charge you shipping both ways and charge a 25% restocking fee. If you do the math, you would be spending over half the cost of the grill to not own it. The grills, once returned, could never be sold as new. If there was any damage, you would have to be responsible for that also. This would be very upsetting for you and us. What we do know is that these are quality products and we have enjoyed rave reviews from our customers for years now. Previous customers often give these as gifts to friends and family and corporate customers to show appreciation to clients. The no return policy also gives us a certain amount of protection from "Consumer Terriorists". You know these folks... they are the ones who want to complain loudly about their unsatisfactory meal just after they ate every last bite in your local restaurant. In our case, they would want to return their used grill just after their July 4th party or better yet, after Labor Day.


Our grills carry a 2 year warranty. We have had about 5 warranty claims in the last 6 years covering the sale of thousands of grills. The grills are made and packaged very well and built to last years. Each individual component can also be replaced in case of an accident. The Manufacturer is from Belgium and is an 80+ year old private company. They sell about $20 million of the Barbecook product line worldwide each year. Our company started in 1975 and works out of the two 100+ year old railroad buildings in our town. Both of our companies are devoted to selling quality products backed by courteous customer service. We sincerely appreciate your business

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